Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words.
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Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words.

Come to a place where the air is always clean, the sea is always blue. and the flowers always bloom in the winter. This is a community of poets and story tellers to share their work and get inspired. Come connect with like minded people. Enjoy!
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 Basic Help Read!

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PostSubject: Basic Help Read!   Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:28 pm

To all new comers, WELCOME ^_^ If you have any questions or are lost about something confused please read the FAQs (the button on top of the page)
Most of your questions will be answered in that section. But here are the basics for posting, replying, editing and deleting.

To post a new topic (ex: poem, story, something funny)

1. Just click on the category you want to post in
2. Then click on "NEW TOPIC" (either on top or bottom of the page)
(2.5) Each "new topic" is a new story/poem ect. (for/in each category)
3. Create a title and body, you may also edit the colors, fonts, and add smiles if you like
4. And you may add photos, videos, attachments, and links as well
5. There's extra options at the bottom, to add calendar events and create polls
6. After your work is complete, be sure to preview before posting and correct any mistakes/ make sure things look right
7. Once finished press "SEND" and now your work is available for everyone to see Very Happy

To reply to a previous post or your own

1. Just simply click the "REPLY" button on the post and type in the open box
(1.5) You may also quote the post by pressing "QUOTE"
2. Preview and send.

To edit and delete

1. Just go to your post and press the corresponding actions you'll like to perform.
(1.5) The 3 little icons in the top right corner of your post. Hover over them to see what they mean.

That is all for now, if you have any questions about anything please feel free to message me. I'll be happy to help you the best I could

"Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words"
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Basic Help Read!
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