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Come to a place where the air is always clean, the sea is always blue. and the flowers always bloom in the winter. This is a community of poets and story tellers to share their work and get inspired. Come connect with like minded people. Enjoy!
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 Officially Tiff The Tech

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PostSubject: Officially Tiff The Tech   Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:13 pm


Started off scared, fearing the unknown, not fully prepared, not knowing where to go.
everything was a race,
but someone was pressing the fast forward button,
never have I ever ran so fast...

Not everyone makes it to the half way point,
and not everyone makes it to the finish line.

Then one day I closed my eyes,
woke up and realized,
my life was passing me by, I falling behind?

I started this race for a reason,
for that gold medal at the end,
I could see it in my dreams,
But now It's time to wake up.
and hold it in my hands.

Time to cut that ribbon
and run through that tape
time to hear people cheer my name
time to officially call myself
Tiff The Tech
I have won first place. cheers

Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words
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PostSubject: Re: Officially Tiff The Tech   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:37 pm

Haha nice! I know you can do it! ;-)
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Officially Tiff The Tech
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