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Come to a place where the air is always clean, the sea is always blue. and the flowers always bloom in the winter. This is a community of poets and story tellers to share their work and get inspired. Come connect with like minded people. Enjoy!
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 This Is Fear...

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This Is Fear... Empty
PostSubject: This Is Fear...   This Is Fear... EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 10:59 pm


The thought of fear brings you near,
my hands must stay intertwined with your heart,
never letting go.
not the strongest winds,
the heaviest rain,
or the hottest heatwave,
will make me let you go.
with every touch,
with every kiss,
and with every smile and laugh,
it's like a taste of heaven,
and the smell of purified water;
it's something that never expires...
this feeling shall never expire...
this love will never expire...
but this,
The thought of someone else taking hold of your heart
The thought of someone else loving you
The thought of you letting go of me...
Fear...keeps love alive,
keeps me striving for us.
And not the darkest of blackouts
will ever let me lose your heart.
you'll never be lost
as long as I can hold you

Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words
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This Is Fear...
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