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Come to a place where the air is always clean, the sea is always blue. and the flowers always bloom in the winter. This is a community of poets and story tellers to share their work and get inspired. Come connect with like minded people. Enjoy!
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 So, Tell Us About Your Self ^_^

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PostSubject: So, Tell Us About Your Self ^_^   Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:45 pm

Here are some questions if your stuck Very Happy

1. What name do you go by?
2. What is your writing style? Do you have one?
3. Favorite topic to write about?
4. Do you have a favorite author?
5. Anything else you wanna share?

"Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words"

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Posts : 52
Join date : 2011-08-31
Age : 26
Location : New York

PostSubject: My Short & Sweet Bio   Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:33 pm

My nick name is Kitty, I am the most biggest lover of cats to the 100th power. People say I look and act like a cat all the time, it just fits. I couldn't think of a more perrrrrfect nick name. Very Happy

When I think of my writing style, nothing really comes to mind. I'm not much of a rhymer. My best work could take me hours or even days. 90% of the time I write titles after the poem. I re-read tons of times. I correct myself tons of times. I always write in "notepad", in a special font and size. I think I could go on but i'ma cut it short.

Most of my work is related to heartache, blissful love, and happy emotions. I also write about anger, hope, frustration, pain. Many more to come!

Sadly I do not have an favorite author (yet) when the time comes, I'll let cha know Smile

My 4 Passions
1. Love
2. Computers
3. Poetry
4. Animals (Cats specifically)
This is not in order, and never will be in order.

I will be adding some work everyday or every other day. So stay posted and enjoy! Laughing

Well that's a little piece of me, now it's your turn. bounce

"Share Your Thoughts, Love Your Words"
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PostSubject: Re: So, Tell Us About Your Self ^_^   Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:42 am

I go by many names, really depending on who's talking to me. One of my favorites "Art" and one naturally given to me by almost everyone "Arty". I don't have a favorite writing style, unless "Jokerman" counts.

The Moon plays a roll in changing our environment and it's inhabitants... tides rise due to it's gravity, people get a tad bit more violent, and i guess the same may apply to cats, even though MY cat (Puka) is usually crazy.. o.o

Maybe because of my logic, i'm usually misunderstood and people have weird misconceptions about me. I try to perceive everyone to the fullest and have super high tolerance for everything, but i am part human like you all and certain things get to me

I put my shades on and i see the world through different set of eyes. Try to look back, turn around and see...

my LOVE = music. it has the power to change you and your emotions (without asking your "true" heart) So i can base my feelings and write from here.

side note: We can close our eyes twice (closing it again after closing it the first time) which means we can see twice? *sight beyond sight* Go ahead and try, the only reason we don't know this is because we simply forgot.

there are many other things i'd want to say but people generally don't like reading walls... The invisible threat

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PostSubject: The Ballad of Amy Rose   Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:56 am

He treats me like a worthless lacky.
And I take it.
Because I love his abuse.
If for even a moment his hand touches my skin, regardless if he hits or caresses it, I love it.
His cruel names make me shiver.
His voice is godly.
I'm alone. All alone.
No more friends. No more family.
Just a 24/7 joke filled with tears and blood.
He doesn't need me, I'll just go.
What's this, a note.
(Sorry for everythimg Amy).
Just one note from him and all is forgiven.
No more tears, no more pain.
He's mine, just mine.
My little angel.
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PostSubject: Re: So, Tell Us About Your Self ^_^   

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So, Tell Us About Your Self ^_^
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